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“Creating a whole Nü-look for your home gives you an opportunity to see and appreciate your home in a whole Nü-light!”

~ Matthew Sykes,
Director of Operations


We offer a full range of interior painting services. Our core values: Safety-first, Integrity, Quality, Respect, and Trusted-relationships are integral to how we do business, so you can be assured that whether your home or business is large or small, new or old, we will treat your property as we would treat our own.

We are fully-equipped to handle the diverse needs of both home and business owners, and one of the best ways to personalize your space and express yourself is through the art of color. We understand that everyone has their own unique vision for their home or business, and we listen to our customers and take the time to ask the right upfront questions to ensure that we are in lockstep with their individual expectations. We are dedicated to complete satisfaction, and we are not satisfied until our customers and clients are satisfied. At Nülook, we know that your home is one of your most valued possessions, and that is why we have a step-by-step process in place to ensure that we set expectations with you up-front and closely monitor attention to every detail and quality control.

Listen, discuss,understand homeowner needs and expectations.

Discuss color selection(s), provide color samples.

Set expectations about project timeline and scheduling.

Measure all areas within project scope.

Provide free on-site, real-time estimate, and address open questions or concerns.

Confirm homeowner approval and sign contract.

Assign Crew Supervisor and assemble project team.

Confirm start-date with customer, and discuss requested actions.

Schedule project, and set expectations for start and end dates.

Order required paint and supplies, as provided by project estimate.

Remove pictures,wall hangings, nonbreakable items.

Cover flooring with canvas drop cloths or tarps.

Spackle and caulk to fill nail holes, cracks or blemishes.

Move furniture and cover with plastic sheeting/drop cloths.

Remove electrical face plates and air return vent covers.

Allow to dry and sand.

Clean and paint trim,doors, and window sills.

Allow primer coat to dry 1-3 hours (dependent on temperature and humidity levels.).

Apply finish coat, and allow to dry for 4-hours to ensure a uniform and durable

Apply 1-2 primer coats to walls (dependent on existing color and transition color.).

Apply base coat of premium-quality paint,and allow to dry and harden for 24-hours.

Remove all work materials and equipment.

Replace electrical face plates and air return vent covers.

Provide customer with any excess paint for any needed future touch ups.

Clean and vacuum all areas in scope.

Move furniture back into place.

Conduct crew supervisor initial quality assurance inspection.

Conduct final walkthrough inspection with homeowner.

Obtain final sign-off from homeowner.

Action any problem areas identified by crew supervisor.

Action any issues or concerns identified by homeowner.

Contact homeowner within 2-3 business days to ensure complete satisfaction.

Action any areas for improvement within 1-2 business days – free of charge.

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