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Why Nülook?

Why Nülook?

Our Core Values



Providing a clean and safe work environment, ensuring the security and protection of our residential customers, commercial and government clients, and our people.



Treating our customers and clients, their homes and businesses, and each other with respect and courtesy, building trust and a reputation for excellence.



Acting with integrity is not just about doing the right thing and upholding our reputation. It is about our character as a business – to our customers, our clients, our employees and our community.


Trusted Relationships

Building long-term trust-based relationships with our customers by listening to their needs, understanding their expectations, maintaining a strong work ethic, and delivering on our commitments.



Consistently maintaining the highest bar on
delivering value and exceptional service, fostering trust and creating long-term relationships.


Civic Responsibility

Improving communities, volunteering our time and painting it forward to those in need of our services is engrained in our culture.

Why Nülook?

At Nülook, we differentiate ourselves from the competition by:

  • listening to our customers to understand their vision and expectations from day-one;
  • hiring only professional and experienced painters who are employees – not subcontractors – because having employees on our payroll gives us greater control over quality assurance and gives us a level of accountability that we would not have otherwise;
  • carrying multiple insurance policies to ensure that our customers, clients and employees are well-protected;
  • using only high-quality Sherwin-Williams® paints.;
  • leveraging innovative estimating software, enabling us to provide free real-time, on-site, accurate and customizable proposals;
  • delivering on our commitments and taking pride in attention to detail and making our customers happy with their home’s “Nü” look.

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